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Игра "Падение Гаваней"
(Москва, август 2000 г., мастера - Анарион, Дирфион, Келебнор, Ньярвэ)

"...For the sons of Feanor that yet lived came down suddenly upon the exiles of Gondolin and the remnant of Doriath, and destroyed them. In that battle some of their people stood aside, and some few rebelled and were slain upon the other part aiding Elwing against their own lords (for such was the sorrow and confusion in the hearts of the Eldar in those days); but Maedhros and Maglor won the day, thought they alone remained thereafter of the sons of Feanor, for both Amrod and Amras were slain..."
J.R.R.Tolkien. "The Silmarillion"
Падение Гаваней Сириона, или Третье Падение нолдор. На мой взгляд, одна из лучших игр клуба Тирион.
Команда Гаваней (23496 / 63364 байт) 
Команда Гаваней перед началом игры.
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